Mi A3’s Android 11 update makes Phone Dead


Xiaomi released the Android 11 update for their Mi A3 a few days ago and it is reported that many people who have installed the update are now facing a big problem.

Many users have reported that after the update, the Android One logo lasts for 15 to 20 minutes on the boot screen and then goes off to a black screen.

It is further reported that after turning off the bootloader (Fastboot mode) it can not be turned on, and in no way detected on a computer or other device.

Although not everyone who has done this update will have to deal with this unfortunate situation, this is a very risky task as they will not be able to bring their mobile phone up to the bootloader.

Xiaomi has not yet officially released an answer or announcement on this, and if you are a Mi A3 owner, it would be wise to wait a few more days without rushing to update the Android 11.

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