How to protect your WiFi Internet from Others

protect your WiFi Internet
protect your WiFi Internet

WiFi is everywhere! People are using wifi to their mobile phones & laptops. Most of our Internet packages have limited data, so we have to protect our data from unauthorized usage. If they hack your WiFi, they can get into your PC (personal computer) or any other electronic device connected to it. There are lots of apps created for wifi hacking so even a beginner can hack your WiFi without knowing any of the fundamentals. So I am going to show you how to protect your wifi network from hackers. Without wasting time; let’s get into it.


  • How to protect your WiFi Internet from Others
    • 1. No Default Passwords
    • 2. Use a Better Password
    • 3. No WPS

How to protect your WiFi Internet from Others

1. No Default Passwords

Don’t use any default passwords of your router. Once you receive the router or started using it, change the passwords for admin page and WiFi. It is one the good practice in the digital world.

The Password Mantra in Digital world is “Default Passwords are Vulnerable.”

Read: WiFi Password changing guide for SLT routers. This procedure can be used to change WiFi password of any router. It is better to take a look into it.

2. Use a Better Password

Hackers hack wifi networks that have an active device(laptop or mobile phone) connected it. There are three types of wifi securities;

  1. Wired Equivalent Privacy(WEP),
  2. Wi-Fi Protected Access(WPA)
  3. WPA2.

WEP is the weakest WiFi security so that hackers can get into it easily. No matter how secure your password is.

For example, even if you are using a password like


It’s possible to hack. There is no way to protect your WEP network from hackers. It is better to switch to other WIFI security.

Our next focus is on WPA & WPA2. Both are same in their attitudes, but there is some difference between them. We don’t need to know those things deeply, lets back to our business.

WPA & WPA2 are hard to hack. But if you’re using a weak password they can hack it easily, So use a secure password.

The important thing is “Don’t use any details related to you when to create a password. If your name is John, don’t create your password as (john+DOB).

Another necessary thing is, Don’t use common passwords as Apple, I love you & world.

If you create a complex password like “adjHYA@#156167″:?><Mvh@” in WPA or WPA2, they can’t hack it.

3. No WPS

Another vulnerability in wifi network is WPS. Make sure that your WPS is disabled. If WPS is enabled in your wifi router, hackers can get into your WiFi through the WPS attack. There is the button on the backside of your router to control your WPS; You can turn off your WPS with the help of that button.

Do these things; Nobody can hack your wifi network. If you have any question, just put a comment. Happy Browsing 😀

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