Linux GUI Apps Coming Soon on Microsoft Windows 10

During the Microsoft Build 2021 event that kicked off yesterday, Microsoft announced that it will be rolling out Linux GUI apps directly on Windows 10.

Until now, Windows 10 had the ability to use Windows Subsystem fro Linux, or Linux distro via WSL, via the command line, and now go one step further and run GUI apps

Initially, it was tested with the Windows 10 Preview build, which was released last April, and during the build event, which began yesterday, Microsoft released this for everyone to use.

This allows developers, especially those who develop apps, to test their apps on another Linux environment, as well as run an application for any other Linux distro from Windows 10 onwards.

Over the years, this has required the use of another computer or virtual machine, but it is safe to assume that Microsoft will be able to retain its users on the Windows 10 operating system.

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