iOS bug that can disable the Wi-Fi feature of the iPhone

A strange iOS bug has been reported when the iPhone’s Wi – Fi feature is disabled while trying to connect to the SSID, or the Wi-Fi network with the% symbol in the name, via the iPhone.

ios bug
ios bug

Security researcher Carl Schou reports this via a Twitter message, stating that the iOS device crashes while trying to use a Wi-Fi network called% secretclub% power.

The Verge website reports that when the Wi-Fi feature is disabled, network features cannot be reset or re-enabled.

A few weeks ago, Schou and his software reverse engineer team discovered that using the SSID% p% s% s% s% s% n disables Wi-Fi on iOS devices, as well as features such as AirDrop. It was revealed that it is not possible.

In most programming languages, the% sign is used to format data in variables. For example, in the C language,% n is used in a string format function to assign the number of characters in a string to another variable.

The 9to5mac website points out that this could happen as a runtime error if the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) is used in most of the iOS internal libraries.

Presumably Apple is working to fix this problem, and until an update is released, this problem can be avoided by not connecting to Wi-Fi networks with% marks via iOS devices.

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