AT&T reveals FatalRAT Trojan virus spreading through Telegram Channel

AT&T reveals FatalRAT Trojan virus spreading through Telegram Channel :It goes without saying that the main reason why Telegram is so popular all over the world is because of its privacy features.

However, most people do not notice that hackers and criminals use this service extensively for their crimes as they have the ability to protect their identities.

AT&T Alien Labs’ security researchers have uncovered a Trojan virus called FatalRAT, which is currently spreading through the channels available on the Telegram service.

This will be forwarded to the members of the relevant channel through media articles or software download links through the Telegram Channel. What makes it special is that the virus can only be spread by the admins of the respective channels.

Examining the source code of this virus reveals that it is aimed at the Windows operating system, and that it tests for disk space, processor size, etc. before it is installed, and if one of those tests fails, it Leaving without installation.

FatalRAT Trojan virus Testing

FatalRAT Trojan virus
FatalRAT Trojan virus

This virus can change the Windows registry, act as a keylogger and collect your passwords, credit card information, etc., and download and install other files through the command of the hacker.

It also has the ability to delete user information from popular web browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox, 360Secure Browser, SoguBrowser, and QQBrowser, and to send information such as usernames, addresses, and the computer’s external IP address to the relevant hacker via an encrypted channel. AT&T points out the potential.

The companies that make antivirus software have been informed about this so far, but the cyware company points out that many improved versions will be seen here in the near future.

Source : AT&T

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