Combank Whatsapp banking : How to do it ?


A Simple Hi to Commercial bank whatsapp number going to bring the whole combank facility through your Whatsapp.

Don’t you believe it ? Yes , It’s true , Commercial bank for the first time in Sri lanka, Introduced Whatsapp banking to it’s customers.

Meanwhile Commercial Bank is the first Sri Lankan Bank to be listed among the Top 1000 Banks of the World and the only Sri Lankan bank to be so listed for ten years consecutively.

Commercial Bank celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2020. The Bank, which won more than 50 international and local awards in 2019, operates a network of 268 branches and 880 ATMs in Sri Lanka. 

Commercial Bank’s WhatsApp Banking offers services to both accountholders and non-customers, and importantly, can facilitate opening of accounts for those seeking to become customers, the Bank said. 

Official website

According to their update Through Whatsapp we can create a new account in Commercial bank.

How cool this is ? Yea , Personally I really impressed with this feature. As all we have smart phones it’s a good innovative idea by commercial bank.

How to access Combank Whatsapp banking ?

It’s not a big task , Just what you have to do is. Add the following official Commercial bank Whatsapp number – 0713 353 353 to your contact list.

Then as usual we do a chat in whatsapp . Start a new conversation to the save Combank Whatsapp number with a “Hi”.

Thats all you are now entered to the commercial bank Whatsapp banking.

Security Measures in Whatsapp banking?

When we using smart phones we must concern about the security measures, as here we are going to proceed banking through Smartphone and Whatsapp we should be very careful.

Commercial Bank also really concerns about the security measures to it’s customers.

Here also they brought the OTP (One Time Password) function before sharing personal and sensible data through whatsapp. So it’s a welcomed feature in it.

Combank Whatsapp Banking Features

As we mentioned earlier most of the commercial bank functions can be accessed through this service.

The bank provide services according to the users

  • Account Holder
  • Non Account Holder

The Account holders can access several services including finding out their account balance, viewing account history, or requesting a cheque book.

Non Account holder can ask for fixed deposit rates and foreign exchange rates, self-register with the ComBank Digital app or open a new account through the Flash Digital Bank Account via WhatsApp Banking. 


The launch of this service eliminates the need for customers to visit a branch for basic banking services. WhatsApp Banking will function as an interim digital offering through which the Bank can reach busy customers inclined towards digitizing their banking experience.

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