Xiaomi Reduces Charging Speed to Third Party Battery

Xiaomi, the world’s largest smartphone maker, is reportedly working to display a third party battery replacement warning message. This means that in the event of a battery replacement from a place other than a Xiaomi Authorized Service Provider, a warning message will be issued and the charging speed of the smartphone will be reduced.

With the new 5.6 version of the Mi Security App, if there is a 3rd party Battery Replacement for the smartphone, an alert will be issued. The user will be notified that the battery needs to be replaced through an Authorized Service Provider.

Third Party Battery
Third Party Battery

In the future, battery replacement for Xiaomi smart phones will be done by an Authorized Service Provider and if the battery is replaced at another mobile phone repair shop, it may cause the battery to swell, overheat, or leak. They also point out that your device is at risk of catching fire.

In addition to issuing a warning message, Xiaomi will also reduce the charging power of the device to ensure the safety of the device in the event of a 3rd party battery replacement, thus limiting the battery capacity of the battery. .

However, Xiaomi is already working to display this warning message on smartphones such as the Mi 9, Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro in China. This warning is not yet issued for Xiaomi devices that are released globally outside of China, and as a company, it is likely to issue this warning with every Xiaomi smartphone in the future with the aim of providing quality service to its customers. That means if you want to make a Battery Replacement in the future, you will have to do that Battery Replacement from a Xiaomi Authorized Service Provider.

Third Party Battery replacement anyhow not safe .

Xiaomi Reduces Charging Speed to Third Party Battery

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