Xiaomi -Mi Air Charge Technology : Things You Should Know

Xiaomi today unveiled its latest wireless charging technology, Mi Air Charge Technology.

They point out that with this technology it is possible to charge several devices simultaneously by giving 5W of power to one device even at a distance of several meters.

What makes it special is that you do not have to touch the device on the wireless charger as is currently the case with wireless charging systems, and can charge even a mobile phone while playing a game or walking within the relevant range. Exists.

It also has the ability to charge speakers, lamps and other smart home devices from things like smartwatches and fitness bands, allowing you to keep almost all the technical devices in a room wireless.

Developed by Xiaomi, the device has five-phase antennas that track the location of the devices needed to charge it, and with the help of the information obtained, another 144 antennas are used to send millimeter-wide waves to the device.

For the mobile phone or charging device, two types of antennas have been created, a beacon antenna array that uses less power and a receiving antenna array, which is an array of 14 antennas, to exchange information about the location of the device. .

The melemeter wave signals received through this receiving antenna array are converted back into electricity through the charging file contained here and the ability to charge the relevant device.

However, a representative of Xiaomi confirmed in a statement to The Verge that a commercial product featuring the technology will not be released this year.

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