Watan HD New Frequency in Sri Lanka

Watan HD is a Afghan based Sport Channel which telecast most cricket matches is available to Sri Lanka and South Asia Countries through Express AM7 at 40.0°E Satellite. Watan HD Channel is famous in Sri lanka with the addition of Freesat to the Market.

This Satellite can be caught with 65CM Ku band dish easily. This satellite has good signal strength over Sri Lanka.

Why Watan HD TV is famous in Sri Lanka?

  • Watan HD is Famous in Sri lanka with Freesat launch because Freesat Sri Lanka Receiver enable option to add other frequency from different satellites like normal Free to Air receivers.
  • As Express AM7 at 40.0°E it easy to catch along Dialog TV which is located at Azerspace 2/Intelsat 38 at 45.1°E.

Watan HD Ku band Frequency

This channel currently on Express AM7 and the frequency is checked with Lyngsat. New Frequency updated on 1st September 2022.

Channel NameFrequencyPolaritySymbol Rate
Watan TV11630H2600
Watan HD Ku Band New Frequency

How Set Dish to Watan HD in Sri Lanka