Unlimited Internet Packages from April 1st

Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka have ordered all the network operators to come up with the unlimited package for the public on March 1st of 2020.

There by, the TRCSL announced in their official Facebook Page that the Unlimited Packages are ready to be launched and can be accessed by the public soon.

Update : Mobitel Unlimited 2021 Data Package Details

TRC issued a directive to all operators to respond with Unlimited Internet Packages by 1st of March and currently in the process of assessing packages submitted by complying operators. Consumers could expect to have the first round of unlimited plans by April

TRCSL Announcement

As per the statement of TRCSL, public could get these unlimited packages by April.

And, these Unlimited packages seems to be only for the Internet and not for the Voice.

In addition to that, the initiative to changing network providers without losing the mobile number with the support of Pakistan’s Technology from the coming October moving towards success, TRCSL said.

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