United States Removes Xiamoi Blacklist Soon

You may recall that last January, nine companies, including Xiaomi, were blacklisted as Chinese war companies on the advice of the US Department of Defense.

Former US President Donald Trump’s administration has blacklisted or blacklisted US investment in Xiaomi, but the US government has now agreed to remove Xiaomi.

The Chinese tech giant filed a lawsuit against the government earlier this year after the US Department of Defense under the former president issued an injunction naming Xiaomi as a communist Chinese military company, and the new ruling comes as a result.

The parties have agreed to resolve the case through negotiations without taking it further and a joint resolution will be issued before May 20.

The White House has reiterated that the U.S. government is very concerned about US investment in Chinese military companies, even though Xiaomi has been acquitted of the charges, and even new US President Joe Biden has warned of possible investments in the U.S. by such Chinese companies. It has been stated that it is deeply concerned and fully committed to maintaining pressure on such companies.

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