Twitter New Message to Display Locked or Suspended

Twitter New Message to Display Locked or Suspended: Twitter is currently experimenting with a new way of displaying a notification banner after logging in to a Twitter user’s locked or suspended account, according to the official Twitter account Twitter Support.

This experimental feature is currently only available to a small number of Twitter iOS, Android and web users.

Twitter New Message Account Locked Message

Twitter New Account Locked Message

However, once this feature is made available to all Twitter users, if your account is locked or suspended at any time, you will be taken to Twitter read-only mode and a notice will be displayed as above.

In the Twitter read-only mode we mentioned above, you will only be able to view the timeline and send a direct message to the followers and will lose the ability to tweet, retweet or like.

Twitter has also added a link to this notice where you can appeal to Twitter in case you are permanently suspended.

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