Twitch has Reportedly been Hacked

Twitch has Reportedly been Hacked :Twitch, a world-renowned streaming service, has been hit by a hacking attack, according to Twitch. It is alleged that the hackers even obtained the source code of the company’s video live streaming service.

Video Games Chronicle first reported that an unidentified user had released 128GB of Twitch data in the form of torrent files. Twitch has now confirmed this through another official Twitter account.

Twitch has Reportedly been Hacked
Twitch has Reportedly been Hacked

As of now, 128GB of data has been leaked by an unknown person, including highly sensitive data. Also, the 128GB hypersensitive Leak Data file is still live on the Internet. As some of those released data,

Twitch has Reportedly been Hacked

What type of data hacked from Twitch

  • Data from the founding of
  • Mobile, desktop and video game console for Twitch users
  • SDK used by Twitch and the company’s internal AWS services
  • Twitch owns a large number of properties, including IGDB and CurseForge
  • Sensitive data not released by Amazon Game Studios
  • Twitch is also reported to include SOC internal red teaming tools.

Most notably, data on the Vapor Steam Competitor, which has not yet been released by Amazon Game Studio, has also been leaked. There is no doubt that everyone is now amazed at this leaked data.

Data currently released may include user account information and encrypted passwords. Therefore, Android workers are requesting that you change your Twitch account password as soon as possible as security measures to be taken and ensure security with two factor authentication.

Source: Beebom

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