SLT ADSL Broadband Packages

SLT Broadband Packages provides you consistent, uninterrupted, high speed internet access through ADSL technology. It converts your regular phone line into a high-speed digital link, enabling simultaneous transmission of voice and data, as opposed to dial-up internet. As a result of switching to Broadband ADSL, data can be transferred at greatly increased speeds.) and above.

When compare to SLT Fibre Packages these packages are affordable but speed also limited when compare to Fiber.

SLT ADSL Broadband Packages

  • Abhimaana
  • Entrée
  • Web Starter
  • Web Pal
  • Web Family
  • Web Surfer
  • Web Pro
  • Web Master
  • Web Champ
  • Web Life

SLT Broadband Packages Price

Broadband PackagesNew Price(Rs.)
Higher Education Broadband Packages Student 1490
Web Lite590
Entrée Package650
Web Starter950
Higher Education Broadband Packages Student 2990
Web Pal1,250
Web Surfer Plus1,529
Home Plus1,650
Web Family Plus1,790
Web Family Active2,390
Web Family Extra3,090
Office Plus3,850
WebPro Plus3,850
Web Booster4,050
Web Pro5,650
Web Master Plus8,800
Office 1 IP9,350
Web Master9,790
Web Champ15,090
Web Life21,890
Web Inspire34,650
Web Premier60,900
Any Joy1,150
Any Beat1,550
Any Flix2,150
Any Blaze2,990
Any Tide3,890
Any Spike5,050
Any Storm7,490
Any Glam12,990
Any Delight18,490
Any Xtream26,250

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