Safari 15 latest Version of Apple Browser

Safari 15 latest Version : Safari 15, the latest update to the Safari Web Browser to be released with macOS Monterey, has just been released for macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina devices.

Apple has changed the look of the Safari Web browser to give it a rounded look to match the macOS Monterey. We have also updated the transparency tab facility and tab groups.

Safari 15 latest Version

Safari 15 latest Version Features

According to Apple, this update enhances the quality of the Safari browser with four major changes.

  • Tab Groups.
  • HTTPS Upgrade.
  • Start Page Sync.
  • Redesigned Tabs.
Safari 15 latest Version
Safari 15 latest Version

Tab Groups

This update allows you to switch between tabs, work as a tab group, and easily find the tabs you need, making it easier for users to use multiple tabs at once.

HTTPS upgrade

This feature enables HTTP-enabled websites and web pages to be delivered automatically via HTTPS. But for that, those websites need to support HTTPS.

Start Page Sync

This feature is especially useful for users of multiple Apple devices, as it allows the web browser’s home page to be customized in the same way across multiple devices.

Redesign Tab

The look of the tabs has been completely changed and given a round type look. The color that is unique to the web page is also adjusted to change the look of the tabs.

This update allows macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina users to access System Preferences using the Software Update option.

Source : MacRumors

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