Re-Register National Fuel Pass (Online Registration)

ICTA Sri Lanka has informed that to some user to do Re Register National Fuel Pass (Online Registration) on 20th July 2022. This message was sent through 1919 .

Message Received

Due to a technical error in the system, your Fuel QR Pass QR Code has been disabled. Please re-register on to obtain the fuel pass for your vehicle. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Check out these post before you re-register.

Note : All the users are not advised to re register anyhow if you receive any sms as follow do the register.


10 thoughts on “Re-Register National Fuel Pass (Online Registration)”

  1. We are not receive any SMS like this, but we can’t login and also register. Please give any solution for this problem.

  2. HOW can i have a re-registration message,because 1919 is not working.How can I informed that I can’t login but it say that’Already registered user)

  3. I have registered to 2 vehicles in one telephone number . So the online link that I have received, lead me to one vehicle site only. I want to register to that vehicle. Can I do this.


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