Peo Tv Packages New Price

SLTMobitel Peo TV Packages Prices has been increased from 05th September 2022. Due to Tax revision the Old Peo TV Prices revised into new prices. Here we attached the SLTMobitel Peo TV TRCSL approved New Package Prices.

Peo TV Package NameOld Package Price (Ex Tax)New Package Price (Ex Tax)
Peo Tv Religious399499
Peo Uthayam690860
Peo Sliver8991125
Peo Unnatham8991125
Peo Sliver Plus10991375
PEO Family12991375
PEO Entertainment14991875
PEO Gold14991875
PEO Platinum18992660
PEO Titaninum20992940
Peo Tv Packages New Price

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