New Android Malware spreading through WhatsApp Named Huawei Mobile app

On several previous occasions, you may recall that we have informed you about the different types of malware designed for Android that are distributed through the Google Play Store.

Now there are reports of another new Android malware, and the speciality here is that it is spreading through WhatsApp.

According to Lukas Stefanko of ESET, a well-known cybersecurity firm, the program automatically responds to WhatsApp messages sent to installed on mobile phones, and replies to such messages contain a link to the malicious program, which appears to be the Huawei Mobile app.

This is not a real Huawei Mobile app, and that link will take the user not to the Google Play Store but to another website designed to look similar.

If you download and install that app, it will mislead you to get notification access, draw-over-other apps permission, and permissions required to run in the background.

This dangerous program then starts replying to WhatsApp messages that you receive via whatsapp through the notifications and tries to spread to the person’s friends’ mobile phones.

This app also has drawn over other apps permission, so it can collect your passwords, credit card data, and everything else, acting as an overlay on other apps.

Stefanko, also points out that the current version of the virus can only spread via WhatsApp, but can quickly spread through other social media and chat groups/channels.

As a reader, we hope you are already aware of how to protect yourself from such dangerous programs, and it is wise to be cautious about side-loading the apk, except through a link sent by friends, especially from a public store such as the Google Play Store..

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