iPhone 13 Series Come with New Style Packing

Apple announced its latest iPhone 13 Series earlier this week. They said they intended to stop the use of plastic wrap in those phone boxes.

They say the move could prevent about 600 metric tons of plastic from being released into the environment. Below is a photo shared on Weibo, a popular Chinese Microblogging platform, about the new look of the changed iPhone 13 Box.

iPhone 13 Series
iPhone 13 Series

The plastic wrap is replaced by a small strip of paper attached to the box. This new paper strip offers two advantages.

This helps to keep the shape of the box intact and eliminates the risk of leaking the contents of the box during transport. It is also helpful to know if anyone has opened the box before you touch an iPhone. So if you are planning to buy the latest iPhone 13, be sure to check out the new Paper Strip.

iPhone 13 Series

According to Apple, their goal is to completely remove the outer plastic wrap from all their packaging by 2025.

Source:- Beebom

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