iCloud Password Chrome Extension : How to install and set up

Apple has released an official iClouds Passwords chrome Extension for windows, which allows chrome users to sync passwords with their apple devices.

This new extensions let you access the passwords, that you have saved in your safari, then use them within chrome installed on your windows pc.

Passwords created in chrome for windows will also sync back to iCloud, so they’ll be available on your Macs, iPhones and iPads.

How to install & Setup iCloud Password Chrome Extension

  • The extensions is available in the chrome store.
  • You just have to install it on your chrome, and sign in your apple ID.

That’s it.

Image Credits: Apple


Common Errors

Some users who have tried the new iCloud extension are reporting keychain not syncing problems , but it seems that’s related to their PCs not having been first updated to iCloud for Windows 12.0 As well as requiring the Google Chrome browser, iCloud Passwords needs iCloud 12.0 for Windows.

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