How to Apply for College of Education Online (2022)

The Ministry of Education has released the National College of Education (NCOE) or Vidyapeeta Gazette 2022. According the Gazette 2019, 2020 A/L Qualified Students Can Apply through Online.

College of Education Online Application 2022

What is College of Education (NCOE)?

his Sri Lankan National College of education well known as Vidya Peeta. This offer National Diploma in Teaching (NDT). This Diploma Course has 3 years duration. After the successful completion you will be appointed as the Teacher to School in any part of Sri Lanka.

List of Vidya Peeta/National College of Education in Sri Lanka

There are 19 National College of Education (Vidya Peta) in Sri Lanka.

  • Addalachahenai National College of Education.
  • Batticaloa National College of Education.
  • Dharga Nagar National College of Education.
  • Hapitigam National College of Education.
  • Jaffna National College of Education.
  • Maharagama National College of Education.
  • Mahaweli National College of Education.
  • Nilwala National College of Education.
  • Pasdunrata National College of Education.
  • Peradeniya National College of Education.
  • Pulathisipura National College of Education.
  • Ruhuna National College of Education.
  • Ruwanpura National College of Education.
  • Sariputta National College of Education.
  • Siyane National College of Education.
  • Sri Pada National College of Education.
  • Uva National College of Education.
  • Vavuniya National College of Education.
  • Wayamba National College of Education.

Things Should Be Considered Before Apply to NCOE.

Educational Qualification.

  • Passed G.C.E Advanced Level exam three subjects in one time
  • Passed G.C.E Ordinary Level exam.

Other Qualification

  • Should be Sri Lankan Citizen.
  • Age not above 25.
  • Should be unmarried.

Note : The applicants for the Sinhala and Tamil Medium courses should have passed the G. C. E. (A/L) Examination in the relevant language medium.

Those who apply for English medium courses except for English Language Course should have obtained at least a credit pass in English Language / an ordinary pass in English Literature at the G.C.E. (O/L) Examination.

List of Courses in National College of Education

Course NoCourse
Course No. 01Primary Education (Sinhala)
Course No. 02Primary Education (Tamil)
Course No. 03Science (Sinhala)
Course No. 04Science (Tamil)
Course No. 05Science (English)
Course No. 06Mathematics (Sinhala)
Course No. 07Mathematics (Tamil)
Course No. 08Mathematics (English)
Course No. 09Social Science (Sinhala)
Course No. 10Social Science (Tamil)
Course No. 11Buddhism
Course No. 12Hinduism (Tamil)
Course No. 13Islam (Tamil)
Course No. 14Catholicism/Christianity (Sinhala)
Course No. 15Catholicism/Christianity (Tamil)
Course No. 16First Language (Sinhala)
Course No. 17First Language (Tamil)
Course No. 18English
Course No. 19Art (Sinhala)
Course No. 20 Art (Tamil)
Course No. 21Dance (Oriental)
Course No. 22Dance (Bharatha)
Course No. 23Music (Oriental)
Course No. 24Music (Carnatic)
Course No. 25Western Music (English)
Course No. 26Drama and Theatre (Sinhala)
Course No. 27Drama and Theatre (Tamil)
Course No. 28Physical Education (Sinhala)
Course No. 29Physical Education (Tamil)
Course No. 30Home Economics (Sinhala)
Course No. 31Home Economics (Tamil)
Course No. 32Agriculture and Food Technology (Sinhala)
Course No. 33Agriculture and Food Technology (Tamil)
Course No. 34Design and Construction Technology (Sinhala)
Course No. 35Design and Mechanical Technology (Sinhala)
Course No. 36Design and Electrical and Electronic Technology (Sinhala)
Course No. 37Design and Construction Technology (Tamil)
Course No. 38Design and Mechanical Technology (Tamil)
Course No. 39Design and Electrical and Electronic Technology (Tamil)
Course No. 40Information and Communication
Technology (Sinhala)
Course No. 41Information and Communication
Technology (Tamil)
Course No. 42Information and Communication
Technology (English)
Course No. 43Second National Language (Sinhala)
Course No. 44Second National Language (Tamil)
Course No. 45Special Education (Sinhala)
Course No. 46Special Education (Tamil)
Course No. 47Business and Accounting Studies
Course No. 48Business and Accounting Studies
List of Courses in National College of Education

College of Education/Vidyapeeta Gazette 2022.

Read the Gazette before apply.

How to Apply For National College of Education Online

How to Apply For National College of Education Online

Total Time 1 hour

Log in to National College Education Online Application Page

Change to Desktop Mode

1) Go to
2) If you are a Mobile user. Change to Desktop Mode.

Click on Agree

Click Agree

Click Agree below “I hereby declare that the information given below is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge”

Select Your A/L Year

A:L Results

Select GCE A/L 2019/2020


Select GCE A/L 2018

Enter your A/L Admission Number.

A:L Results

Enter the A/L Admission Number and Select
1) A/L Exam Year.
2) Syllabus (Old/New)

Enter Your O/L Admission Number

Enter your O/L Results here

Select Yes/No for Sri Pada College

Select Yes or No . If you are applying for Sri Pada College or Not.

Select your course like to follow on College of Education

As you decided Select 3 Courses from here.

Enter your Personal Details

personal Details

1) Full Name
2) Name with Initials
3) Date of Birth
4) Address
5) City
6) Postal Code
7) District
8) NIC
9) Gender
9) Miss/Mr
10) Ethnicity
11) Mobile
12) Landline / Email

Check your Details

Check your details wether all are correct or not. if any mistakes correct it before apply.

Submit and Download PDF

Submit and download the application

If all the datas are correct Submit and Download the PDF.

All Done. You are successfully Submitted.

Keep the PDF. You Should Submit on your Interview.


  • Ministry of Education Official Website


  • Use Chrome and Good internet Connection

Materials: Read Carefully the Instruction Below

How Fill/Apply NCOE Application Video Tutorial

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