Google Photos’ Unlimited Free Storage Feature Expires

You may recall that last year we informed you that Google has decided to discontinue its free unlimited storage facility for Google Photos service in 2021.

Now that deadline is approaching, all photos and videos uploaded from next June 1st will be added to the 15GB storage cap in your Google Account.

However, photos and videos uploaded until June 1 will not be counted and users will still be able to access the content for free.

So if you haven’t uploaded all of your photos to Google Photos yet, here’s the last chance to do it for free, and you have to do it before May 31st.

However, if you own a Pixel phone released with Google Pixel 2 or later, you will still be able to upload photos and videos for free, but that too will change from the original quality to the high quality in the future.

This does not apply to Google Pixel (2016) owners, who have the ability to upload images and videos in original quality throughout their use of the phone.

They point out that the 15GB data cap provided by Google is enough for the average user for about 3 years, and they have also provided a special page to find out how long it will last based on the data you have uploaded.

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