Get iOS Dynamic Island Feature on Redmi , Xiamoi and Poco Phones

The recently released iPhone 14 phone line managed to attract a lot of attention with its latest display cutout, or the feature they call Dynamic Island.You can access Dynamic island features on your Redmi , Xiaomi and Poco Phones. Don’t get surprise let’s look into detail.

While this is a feature limited to the Pro model line, now they’ve added a cutout that’s smaller than the display cutout on previous iPhones, and the most impressive thing is how they’ve matched it with iOS.

Somehow, the theme developers of Xiaomi Mi have managed to add this feature to the Android operating system. TechDroider’s Viabhav Jain revealed on his Twitter account that this theme will hide the phone’s pin-hole camera as well. They have named it Grumpy UI.

That is, as Apple did before, this is a hardware barrier and a support for software.

However, this theme is still under review and if it gets permission from Xiaomi, it will be added to the MIUI theme store.

As it often happens in the smartphone world, it is common for other manufacturers to add the features of one manufacturer to their models, so it should be remembered that manufacturers such as Samsung and Xiaomi may also include this feature directly in their models.

but we can try Grumpy UI through an alternative way.

How to Install Grumpy UI Theme on Xiaomi ,Redmi and POCO Phones

  • First Download the Grumpy UI MTZ File.
  • Then go to the Play Store.
  • Search “Mtz tester Apk“.
  • Open the App.
  • Select the Download MTZ File.
  • Click on Apply.

Download Grumpy UI

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