Facebook Smartwatch Latest Leaks and Specs

Facebook Smartwatch Latest Leaks: you may recall that in a previous article we brought you information about the Facebook Smartwatch that Facebook is preparing to release.

The Verge website has revealed more information about this and according to them, the latest smartwatch from Facebook will have a detachable camera.


Facebook Smartwatch Features

Users who buy this smartwatch one day will be able to share the photos taken with the smartwatch directly with Facebook, WhatsApp, Messnger or Instagram without any connection to a smartphone.

These 2 cameras, one will be a front facing camera and the other will be a rear facing camera.

The Verge website points out that the front-facing camera included will support video and video capture, while the rear-facing camera will normally support capturing photos and videos.

It is reported that the rear facing camera will have auto focus and the ability to record video up to 1080p high resolution.

It is also reported that this watch is designed to work independently with a LTE connection, without the connection of a mobile phone.

facebook smartwatch color
facebook smartwatch color

According to reports, Facebook is already working with 3rd party accessories manufacturers to create 3rd party gadgets and backpacks and cases that can be attached to the camera in this watch.

Expected to be released in 2022, the smartwatch will be available in White, Black and Gold colors and is expected to cost around $ 400.

Facebook working on smartwatch to sell next year: The Information

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