A phishing attack steals more than 250 NFT tokens worth $ 1.7 million :Hackers have stolen hundreds of NFTs from Opensea users. According to a report by PeckShield, a blockchain security service, more than 254 tokens were stolen, including tokens from Decentraland and the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

250 NFT tokens
250 NFT tokens

The majority of these attacks occurred at 5PM – 8PM (ET) and targeted 32 users. Molly White, who runs Blog Web3, estimates the value of the stolen tokens is approximately $ 1.7 million.

So Opensea is one of the most valuable companies in the $ 13 billion NFT with its popularity.

Opensea was updating their contract system at the time of the attack, but they deny that it was due to new contracts.

However, the cause of the attack has not been identified yet and the company says that it will be informed about the latest information that will be found in the future.

Source: The Verge

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