10 Best Free Cloud Storages and File Sharing for 2022

10 Best Free Cloud Storages : Cloud storage is something that we all use nowadays, knowingly or unknowingly. Cloud storage is always used to store valuable photos, videos, documents, etc. that you have. Google drive cloud storage can be found on almost every phone with an Android operating system, and iCloud storage on almost every phone with an iOS operating system.

10 Best Free Cloud Storages 2022
10 Best Free Cloud Storages 2022

Today we are going to talk about the best cloud storages available for free.

10 Best Free Cloud Storages

  1. Degoo Cloud Storage.
  2. Mega.
  3. Google Drive.
  4. Box Cloud storage.
  5. pCloud.
  6. Icedrive.
  7. Mediafire.
  8. Syncplicity.
  9. OneDrive.

Degoo Cloud Storage -100GB free


Degoo is a cloud storage that is not very popular in but provides 100GB of storage for free. After registering for this Degoo storage service.

you need to log in at least 90 days to keep our account active. Sweden is also the home country of this Degoo storage.

Mega – 15 GB


It is true that Mega is one of the most popular cloud storage nowadays. The special reason for this is the server speed of Mega storage. Mega cloud storage was born in 2013 in New Zealand.

With this Mega storage service we can use 50Gb of storage for the first 30 days and then 15Gb of storage for free. We can also increase our free storage by downloading the Mega Pc software as well as the Android application.

Google Drive – 15 GB

Google Drive free cloud storage

Google Drive is arguably the most widely used cloud storage service today. Google Drive can be found on every mobile phone with every android operating system as a pre-installed app.

We will also get 15GB storage for free at the time of purchase.

But for mobile phone models with Android one operating systems like Google pixel, you can sometimes get more than 100GB of free storage. Google drive was born in 2012 in the United States.

Box Cloud Storage – 10GB


Box is a 2005 US-born cloud storage service. This box cloud storage service has a longer history than all the cloud storage services we talked about earlier.

With this Box cloud storage service we can get 10GB of storage for free. The disadvantage of this is that we can only upload 250MB size files at a time.

pCloud – 10GB

pCloud free storage

pCloud is a cloud storage service born in 2013 in Switzerland. We can also get 10GB of storage for free through the pcloud storage service.

In Box cloud storage we can only upload 250MB files at a time and in this pcloud service we can upload files without any limit.

Icedrive – 10GB

Icedrive free cloudstroge

Icedrive is a 2019 cloud service born in the UK. With this Icedrive cloud storage we can also get 10Gb free storage and upload files with a capacity of up to 3gb at a time.

This Icedrive does not yet have the two factor authentication method we use as a security measure.

Mediafire – 10GB


Media fire is one of the most popular cloud storage for Google drive, Mega and more. Media fire cloud storage service was born in 2006 in the United States.

This cloud service also offers 10GB of storage for free and can upload files of up to 4GB at a time. We can also point out that these media fire cloud service applications can be used on all operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows.

MiMedia – 10GB

mimedia free cloud stroage

Mimedia is a cloud storage service that prioritizes media files. This cloud service was born in 2010 in the United States.

With this cloud storage service we can also get 10GB of storage for free and the capacity of files that can be uploaded at once is 5GB.

Syncplicity – 10GB

Syncplicity free cloud stroage

Born in France in 2008, this cloud storage service also offers us 10GB of free storage. The advantage over other cloud storage services is that we can upload files of any size we like at once.

However, this is not the most talked about cloud storage.

OneDrive – 5GB

Onedrive free cloud storage space

OneDrive is a cloud storage service that comes with the windows operating system that we all use. It is owned by Microsoft and dates back to 2004.

Popular as Google drive, this cloud storage offers us 5GB of storage for free and the ability to upload files without any file size limit. You must have a Microsoft account to use this cloud storage service.

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