OnePlus launches clipboard sync tool for easy copy-pasting between mobile phone and computer

It goes without saying that the main problem for many people nowadays is that they do not have a way to paste text, image or file copied from their mobile phone into their computer or to get computer copied content to their mobile phone.

As a result, many people use a number of very annoying tactics, such as emailing the relevant content themselves, uploading it to a cloud storage service and retrieving it through it.

However, OnePlus has introduced a new service called Clipt, which allows you to paste text, photos, or files that you copy from your mobile phone (or computer) to your computer or any other device. Gives the ability to do.

Introduced by OnePlus’ new pilot OneLap team, the service includes an app for Android, a Chrome extension for Windows and macOS, and is currently developing an app for iOS.

Download Clipt From Play Store

Download Clipt Chrome Extension

To use this service you need to install the Clipt app on your Android phone, as well as the Chrome browser and Clipt extension on your computer.

OnePlus points out that since the user’s Google Drive is used to exchange data through this, neither the Clipt service nor OnePlus can view the information that passes through it, and the privacy of the user’s information is protected through this.


They also point out that when Google Drive gives permission for the Clipt service, it will only be able to access the files that the service uploads, and all but the last 10 items exchanged will be automatically deleted.


The developers point out that the current version of the Clipt service is its initial version, and that it hopes to extend this extension to other web browsers such as Firefox in the future, as well as make other improvements.

This is a bit similar to Google’s recently introduced Nearby Share feature, but it’s expanding through lClipt, allowing you to easily copy what you need to almost any device, not just Android.

Especially in 2F Athentication, the code received on the mobile phone does not need to be typed any further and it can be copied and pasted from the computer via Clipt.