Mobitel Data Packages New Price – 2022

SLTMobitel Data Packages Prices increased from 05th September 2022 . Mobitel Unlimited , Social Media Packages , Work from Home Packages and Normal Packages are now with new price . Here is the list of Mobitel New Data Packages Price.

You can check Mobitel Call Package New Price list also in our site.

Mobitel Prepaid Data Packages

Plan Name Old Reload Amount(Including Tax)New Reload Amount(Including Tax)
Non-Stop YouTube285351
Non-Stop Social Networking116138
Non-Stop Triple Buddy353433
Non Stop Lokka414507
Instant Messaging Unlimited5769
Work & Learn 25GB172211
Non-Stop Work & Learn675830
Non-Stop TikTok 7 Day108111
Non-Stop TikTok 30 Day363372
Unlimited Plan 1 Mbps 30 day14851829
Unlimited Plan 2 Mbps 30 day26273237
Unlimited Plan 4 Mbps 30 day49136053
Mobitel Prepaid Data Packages

Mobitel Postpaid Data Packages

 Plan Name Old Price (Excluding Tax)New Price (Excluding Tax)
25GB Teachers’ Package550660.00
50GB Teachers’ Package9901,188.00
100GB Teachers’ Package13901,668.00
Anytime 1.5GB plan99118.80
Anytime 5GB plan290348.00
Anytime 10GB plan550660.00
Anytime 15GB plan790948.00
Anytime 20GB plan9901,188.00
Anytime 30GB plan12901,548.00
Anytime 40GB plan16902,028.00
Anytime 50GB plan20902,508.00
Anytime 75GB plan29903,588.00
Anytime 100GB plan38904,668.00
Anytime 150GB plan57906,948.00
Anytime 250GB plan9590 11,508.00
Anytime 400GB plan1499017,988.00
Anytime 550GB plan1999023,988.00
Upahara Internet299358.80
Master Unlimited – Data29993,598.80
Master Unlimited – Router4299 5,158.80
Unlimited Plan 1 Mbps 30 day1299 1,558.80
Unlimited Plan 2 Mbps 30 day2299 2,758.80
Unlimited Plan 4 Mbps 30 day4299 5,158.80
Work & Learn 25GB150180.00
Non-Stop Work & Learn590708.00
Unlimited Streaming (Netflix package)14991,798.80
Non-Stop YouTube249.00298.55
Non-Stop Instant Messaging49.0058.08
Non-Stop Social Networking99.00117.06
NonStop Lokka361.00431.94
Non-Stop Triple Buddy309.00368.42
Time Based 1 hour Non-Stop35.0042.00
Time Based 4 hour Non-Stop85.00102.00
Mobitel Postpaid Data Packages